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Tier 1

2 days / week
+Slack & Email

Tier 2

.5 days / week
+Slack & Email

Tier 3 (advisory)

5 hours / month

Some Notes on Getting Started

I’ve you’ve raised less than $4M, I’m probably too expensive. Before that, you shouldn’t pay more than $12k a month for almost any employee, which is less than I charge for Tier 1. If you need help but are too early to afford my services, I recommend you look at my substack. It's written to help B2B founders navigate the early sales terrain.

A note: before a major seed round, most of the sales work is not VP level. You might need lead gen (which I can teach anyone to do), but your customers will want to hear from the CEO, not me. Don't hire someone like me that early for more than a few hours a week or for a defined project.


Does this seem like a fit? Please reach out and I’ll get back to you. I will keep all answers confidential.

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