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Most early stage startups cannot clearly communicate the pain they solve and the solution they offer. Nor have they honed their understanding of their buyers and the people influencing the sale. I can take your pitch to the next level.

Business Model

It takes experimentation and insight to figure out if your sale is a license, SAAS, pay as you go, or something else. It takes work to figure out the pricing, lead generation and closing patterns. I can help you accelerate your learning.

Sales Playbook

Execution happens in tactics. We start with what drives decision makers, their process for deciding, and how to qualify or disqualify leads. With repetition, comes a process: staging, follow up plans, pipeline management, CRM, metrics, targets, and contract management.


Hiring successful salespeople is hard. We’ll define OKRs, identify skills, build comp and quota, fill the pipeline with candidates. I’ll train teams to interview, interview alongside them, manage loop debriefs, and close candidates. We will uncover the best people and remove barriers that stop diverse candidates from succeeding.


If you don’t know how to train, manage, motivate, and evaluate salespeople, or drive a pipeline forward, I am happy to jump in and help. I can do it myself or teach you how.


I love speaking in public, teaching and giving keynotes, as well as coaching others on their presentation skills. If you want to prep for a podcast or send a proxy to speak on your behalf, this is my happy place.

Sales Training

It’s one thing to make a plan. It’s another to execute on it at scale. I can train employees on the sales model/playbook, pitch, prospecting and follow up cadence, directed networking, sales qualification, time management and pacing, CRMs, pipeline management, closing, partner playbooks, and on how to drive customer feedback into the product.

Revenue Operations

It helps to be organized at every stage, but you only need minimal infrastructure at first. As your pipeline grows, you'll need basic CRM and reporting tools, and eventually this will graduate into sophisticated systems that integrate funnel management and marketing. I can set up basic systems and manage revenue ops employees or consultants to build deeper infrastructure.

Individual Contribution

Sometimes you need someone to step in and push deals forward, or close them. I’m good at getting my hands dirty, closing deals and using this process to derive insights into what a scalable model will look like. I’m expensive, so you want to use me sparingly for this, except for the largest transactions and partnerships or where I can make the biggest difference in sales process learning.

Executive Leadership

If you don’t have a strong customer facing founder on your executive team, you need someone pushing insight from the market into your product and overall strategic conversations, as well as owning the sales slides in your board meetings. I can also mentor less experienced leaders on driving employee satisfaction and growth, and on how to implement more rigorous, diversity-supporting hiring practices.


Partners are big levers, but risky ones. Its helpful to have someone on hand who can help you define which verticals/segments should be partner-driven, and what is needed to get a partner over the finish line. Partnerships require their own playbooks as well.

Sales Planning

As you start to recognize some early patterns in your first few sales, an experienced hand can help you understand the size and structure of the team that will get you to the next level.


Does this seem like a fit? Please reach out and I’ll get back to you. I will keep all answers confidential.

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